22 July 2014

Seen the new Sailor Moon Crystal yet?

The second episode came out this past Saturday and you can currently watch both episodes on NicoNico Douga for free. You don't even need to get an account.


The episodes are free for the first two weeks after airing so don't wait too long. The first episode is currently running on an extended free period.

The preview for Act 3 is looking nice :D I was afraid of unsightly CGI fire in Rei's transformation but from what I've seen I might actually like this transformation.

The PV with the full version of the opening theme MOON PRIDE by Momoiro Clover Z is out!
I contains a little bit of transformation spoilers for Mars, Jupiter and Venus and I guess a little bit of story if you don't know it already.

This song has really grown on me and I'm completely in love with this PV. I wish the anime held this level of animation :P There were some sloppy faces in episode 2... Anyway, really pretty!
Wonder if there'll be a MomoClo version PV too. I love this one but I still want to see what they would do. And I'm both hoping an dreading a live performance on Music Station. (In case you didn't know they are horrendous live) I didn't see them on the guest list for Friday but maybe next week? But we're getting BUMP OF CHICKEN with "ray" (ray feat. Hatsune Miku) though so I'm happy :)

See you at NärCon!

PS: Bring your 3DS! Especially if you have FF Theatrhythm <3 DS

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