17 October 2016

MoonCat Karaoke @ NärCon 2016

And so another NärCon has come and gone. A great con and so many Pokémon GOers! (most of the us included hehe). And also an absolute explosion in popularity for Love Live and Hamilton.

We've heard that some were unable to find us as our room as quite a bit away from the other two karaoke rooms. There was also some confusion about what room we were actually in. Stuff like this does happen and we're sorry for anyone who missed us. For next time we plan to have a nice sign out in the hallway that can be seen from down the hall.

And here we have the most sung songs from NärCon 2016!

Soul Eater op 2 - Paper Moon (English fan cover)

Tokyo Ghoul op - unravel

Hobbit, The - I See Fire
Sailor Moon op - Moonlight Densetsu

Big Hero 6 - Immortals
Death Parade op - Flyers
Hamilton - Alexander Hamilton
Nightmare Before Christmas - Oogie Boogie Song
Steven Universe - Do It For Her
Treasure Planet - I'm Still Here (Swedish)
Undertale - Death by Glamour

DNAngel op - Byakuya ~True Light~
JoJo's Bizzare Adventure op 1 - JoJo Sono Chi no Sadame
Legend of Zelda, The - It's Dangerous to go Alone
Love Live! School Idol Project - START DASH!!
Nightmare Before Christmas - Jack's Lament
Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody

Boku no Hero Academia ed - HEROES
Digimon Adventure op - Butter-Fly
Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood op 4 - Period
He-Man - What's Going On
Neon Genesis Evangelion op - Zankoku na Tenshi no Te-ze
Nico Nico Douga - Kumikyoku Nico Nico Douga
One Punch Man op - THE HERO!! ~Ikareru Kobushi ni Hi wo Tsukero~
Phantom of the Opera - Music of the Night
Pokemon - Pokemon Theme
Steven Universe - Stronger Than You
Undertale - Battle Against a True Hero

Thank you all for singing with us!

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