4 June 2012

KodachiCon 2012 - Videos and Winners

Hello everyone!

Hope you all had a great time at this year's KodachiCon!

We bet you've already seen a bunch of videos from the convention but you can never have too many :D so here are ours.
(I don't quite know why the videos get squished when I upload them to youtube... I tried to fix it but to no avail...)

The Piñata - Kodachi

The Cosplay competition:

Sketch 1 - Vocaloid

Sketch 2 - Hunter x Hunter 2011

Ending ceremonies (this is a long one)

Did anyone film the opening ceremony? If you did or know someone who did and uploaded it, please send a link! Here, by mail or facebook.

Competition winners:

AMV competition: Elias Jonasson

*Spoiler warning - Guilty Crown*

Best Group:  Hunter x Hunter 2011
Best Cosplay: Sabina Mangal as Gon
Best Cosplay runner up: Black Cat

Otaku-quiz:  Karro

Karaoke: Fredrika Karlsson

Fansub: Elsa Ahlberg and Patricia Åkerblom

This one goes to 11: Victor Aller, Johanna Larsson and Emil Nylander

Jeapardy: Amanda, Allan and Funny

Anime Music Quiz: Niklas Persson

Tekken: Ibrahim Hussein

Wii Sports Resort: Bernhard Johansson and Simon

Super Smash Brawl: Egil Brander Forsberg

Drawing competition:
Best Kodachi design: Ronja Skarped

Best KodachiKun design: Sissel Gustavsson

See you all again next year! or this fall at KodachiKun :D


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