9 July 2012

Kita~! New Sailor Moon Anime!

I guess most of you have seen the news already but there is no harm in saying it again :D

Sailor Moon is getting a new anime for summer 2013!

It was announced at the 20th anniversary event last Thursday and has been reported on I don't know how many news sites. A highly anticipated remake! at least by me!
There are a lot of questions but not that many definite answers. There's been mentioning that the new anime is going to be for the original fans and I've also heard some say that it's going to stick more closely to the manga but only time will tell. Since there's a whole year left until we get to see the actual show I guess it'll be a while until we get some more info or actual character designs or frames. They might keep announcing voice casting though. Mamoru and Usagi will be keeping their old voice actors. unfortunately

edit: There was apparently some confusion at the announcement by MomoClo and while they will be singing a theme song for the new anime, their latest single "Z Otome Sensou" is completely unrelated. It is still a very addictive song though :D

But, as far as I know, the official opening theme song for the new show has been announced and even released. It's by Momoiro Clover Z (op/ed for Mouretsu Space Pirates) and called "Z Otome Sensou".

At first I didn't think it suited Sailor Moon at all but I've been listening to it, watching fanmade openings on youtube, and I'm starting to think it may be OK. I'm not completely convinced but it might give the series a new and fresh feeling? (trying to convince myself)

MomoClo was performing in France at the time of the anime announcement but they streamed live from the event, singing both the original opening and the new one. I just wish they didn't sound so bad live...

The song starts at 2:20

Anyway, I'm super exited about the new show and I'm re-watching the original show at the moment. I'm watching with a friend and we decided to only watch the episodes that actually contain story by following this list of essential episodes. So if you're like us and want to see the whole show but don't have the time or patience for all the fillers and silly enemies or simply want to see what the series would be like at a higher pace I really recommend following this episode guide.

How about an Essential-Sailor-Moon-Episodes-Marathon for KodachiCon 2013? Not all of it though because the conventions isn't long enough for that (^ ^)'' But the first season would be great (^ ^)d

~a happy soul~

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